Welcome to “Your Life, Your Legacy: Funeral Preplanning for Your Final Farewell.” We’re here to help you consider the personal process of planning your own funeral. Imagine being able to shape your final farewell. Funeral preplanning ensures others respect your wishes, from the final arrangements to whether you choose cremation or burial. It also spares your loved ones from emotional and financial burdens during an already difficult time.

At our Raleigh funeral home, we believe in the importance of a meaningful send-off. Funeral preplanning is not just about handling the practicalities; it’s about creating a lasting legacy. We invite you to reach out to us and begin this thoughtful process. Your preplan ensures that your final farewell reflects the unique story of your life.

Let’s explore the benefits of preplanning your funeral services.

Your Life, Your Legacy

When you preplan your funeral, you can make decisions about everything from the type of service you want to the burial plot or columbarium niche that suits your preferences. This thoughtful process allows you to consider various options for your final arrangements and ensures your farewell aligns with your values and wishes.

Planning Funeral Arrangements

First, you can decide on the type of service that reflects your personality and beliefs. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral service, a memorial gathering, or a celebration of life, a funeral director can help you plan each detail.

You can choose readings, music, and even specific rituals or customs you want included. This personal touch ensures that your service will be a meaningful tribute to your life.

Burial, Green Burial, Fire Cremation, or Water Cremation?

Next, you’ll need to choose between burial and cremation. Traditional burial involves selecting a cemetery plot and purchasing the plot.

Green burial is another option for those who prioritize environmental sustainability. This method involves a simple, biodegradable casket or shroud and doesn’t use embalming fluids or concrete vaults. This allows for the body to decompose naturally. 

Green burials can take place in designated conservation cemeteries like Bluestem, providing a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship. You can also obtain green burial plots at some cemeteries, such as Historic Oakwood in Raleigh or Pine Forest Memorial Gardens in Wake Forest.

Bluestem Conservation Cemetery in North Carolina focuses on natural and sustainable burial practices. This beautiful option allows you to rest in a setting that honors the environment and provides a serene place for your loved ones to visit.

For those considering cremation, there are several choices. Standard fire cremation is a common option, but water cremation, also known as aquamation, is an eco-friendly alternative that uses water to return the body to its natural elements.

Your funeral director will explain each method, helping you make an informed decision based on your values and preferences.


In addition to choosing your final resting place and type of service, you can make specific decisions about your memorialization. This includes selecting a columbarium niche for cremated remains, designing a personalized headstone or marker, and planning any commemorative events.

funeral director will help coordinate these details, ensuring every aspect of your preplan is carefully considered.

Take Control of Your Farewell

By preplanning your funeral, you take control of your final farewell, creating a legacy that reflects your life and values. This thoughtful approach not only ensures your wishes are respected but also provides peace of mind for your loved ones, knowing that your arrangements are in place.

At our Raleigh, NC, funeral home and crematory, we are committed to helping you through this process and honoring your life and legacy.

Preplanning Benefits for Keeping Funeral Costs Down

By planning ahead, you can lock in today’s prices and save money in the long run, avoiding the rising costs of funeral goods and services.

 Funeral prearrangement allows you to choose a payment method that works for you, whether through a private trust account, life insurance policy, or prepaid funeral plans.

Understanding Funeral Trusts

One key benefit of preplanning your funeral is the ability to keep funeral costs down through the use of a funeral trust. A funeral trust allows you to set aside funds specifically for your funeral expenses, ensuring that the money is available when needed.

This trust is established with a funeral home and is designed to cover the costs associated with your final arrangements, from the service itself to burial or cremation.

Locking in Today’s Prices

By setting up a funeral trust, you can lock in today’s prices for funeral goods and services. This can be a significant financial advantage, as funeral costs tend to rise over time. When you preplan your funeral and fund it through a trust, you protect yourself and your loved ones from future price increases.

This means your family members won’t have to worry about paying more than necessary when the time comes.

Protecting Your Assets

A funeral trust can help protect your assets, particularly if you are concerned about qualifying for Medicaid. Funds placed in a properly structured funeral trust are typically not counted as part of your assets for Medicaid eligibility. This allows you to plan for your funeral ahead of time without jeopardizing your ability to receive Medicaid benefits.

By working with a funeral director, you can ensure that your trust meets all necessary legal requirements and provides the protection you need.

Providing Peace of Mind

Preplanning your funeral with a trust provides peace of mind for both you and your family. Knowing that your final wishes are documented and that the funds are set aside to cover your funeral expenses can reduce the emotional and financial stress on your loved ones.

They won’t have to make difficult decisions or worry about how to pay for your funeral during an already emotional time.

Ensuring Funds Are Secure

Funds placed in a funeral trust are held in an interest-bearing account, which means that the money can grow over time. North Carolina statutes lay out the exact specifications for funeral trusts.

Your preplan account helps ensure that there will be enough money to cover your funeral costs, even if prices increase.

Additionally, the funds in the trust are secure and can only be used for your funeral expenses, giving you and your family confidence that the money will be available when needed.

Making Your Wishes Known

One of the most important aspects of preplanning your funeral is making your wishes known. By establishing a funeral trust, you can specify exactly how you want your funeral to be conducted. This includes choosing the type of service, whether you prefer burial or cremation, and any other specific requests you may have.

Your funeral director will help you document these wishes, ensuring that your final arrangements reflect your personal preferences.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Preplanning with a funeral trust also helps you avoid common pitfalls associated with funeral planning. For example, it eliminates the risk of leaving your loved ones to guess your preferences or struggle to find enough money to pay for your funeral.

By taking care of these details in advance, you make the process smoother and less stressful for your family.

At our funeral home, we understand the importance of planning ahead. We are here to help you navigate the process, establish a funeral trust, and ensure that your final wishes are honored. By taking these steps now, you can secure your legacy and provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

5 Ways Licensed Funeral Home Directors Make Preplanning Easier

Our licensed funeral directors are here to guide you through the process, ensuring all aspects of your funeral plan are covered. This includes selecting a casket or urn, deciding on a cemetery plot, and understanding the administrative fees involved. We will also help you explore options for final expense insurance and other ways to cover funeral expenses.

Funeral directors play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the often overwhelming process of preplanning their funerals. Here are five ways licensed funeral home directors assist in this important task:

Personalized Guidance

Funeral directors take the time to understand your personal wishes and preferences. They ask detailed questions about your desired type of service, whether it be a traditional funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life. They help you decide between burial, green burial, cremation, and water cremation. And they provide options for conservation burial areas, cemetery plots, or columbarium niches.

Explaining Costs and Payment Options

One of the most significant concerns when preplanning a funeral is understanding the associated costs. Funeral directors provide clear explanations of funeral costs, including the national median cost for different services. They offer advice on various payment methods, such as prepaid funeral plans, life insurance policies, and final expense insurance, helping you choose the best value for your budget.

Administrative Support

Funeral planning involves numerous administrative tasks, from securing cemetery plots to obtaining necessary permits and death certificates. Funeral directors manage these details, ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations. They also help with setting up North Carolina-backed trust accounts to manage funds for a preplanned funeral.

Product and Service Selection

With the wide range of funeral products available, from caskets and urns to memorial keepsakes and floral arrangements, choosing the right items can be daunting. Funeral directors provide expert recommendations based on your preferences and budget, helping you select the goods and services that best honor your final wishes.

Emotional Support and Practical Advice

Planning a funeral in advance can be an emotional experience. Funeral directors offer compassionate support, helping you and your family members navigate this emotional time with sensitivity and care. They also provide practical advice on common mistakes to avoid, such as not communicating your wishes to loved ones or failing to keep important documents in a safe place.

By working closely with a licensed funeral director, you can ensure that your preplanned funeral is a true reflection of your life and values, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Help Your Family and Loved Ones

By taking steps to set up a preplan now, you relieve your family members of the burden of making difficult decisions during an emotional time.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be honored, and your loved ones can focus on celebrating your life rather than dealing with the complexities of funeral arrangements.

Our Experienced and Compassionate Funeral Directors Can Help

At Renaissance Funeral Home, we provide personalized and compassionate support to help you with preplanning your funeral. Our experienced funeral directors are here to listen to your needs, offer expert advice, and guide you through creating a comprehensive funeral plan.

We understand that planning your own funeral can feel overwhelming, but our team is committed to making the process as straightforward and comforting as possible. Whether you are considering traditional burial, cremation, water cremation, or a green burial option, we help you make informed decisions aligning with your values.

From selecting the right funeral services and products to setting up a secure funeral trust, we take care of every detail. Our goal is to relieve your loved ones of the emotional and financial burdens of end-of-life arrangements.

By preplanning your funeral with us, you can have peace of mind. Know that your final wishes will be honored, and your family will be supported during their time of need.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your preplanning options. Let us help you create a meaningful and respectful farewell that reflects your unique life and legacy.