Beyond the Obituary Podcast

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The one-page obituary is never enough to share a lifetime of accomplishments, events, and special moments. In this podcast brought to you by Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh NC, we talk to the loved ones of those who have passed on, sharing memories, laughs, and tears. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone who has been touched by grief has their own personal grief journey. Hosted and produced by Jason Gillikin for Earfluence.

Battling Terminal Cancer

Battling Terminal Cancer

People are so much more than a one-page obituary. Find out what it is like for a family to battle a terminal cancer diagnosis for 9+ years. Rob Morrell is a retired physician from Raleigh North Carolina who has been fighting a terminal cancer diagnosis for almost 10 years. He’s not so sure how much longer he has, so he and his family wanted to be able to share his story.