We do NOT offer autopsy services, and there are NO local private autopsy services in Raleigh. However, we are happy to coordinate transportation of the decedent to and from an autopsy facility. 

Please do not call us for autopsy services. Please call one of the below-listed providers for autopsy services. Private autopsy services are listed here from closest to furthest by distance to Raleigh:

Should We Order an Autopsy?

In certain cases, the North Carolina Office of Chief Medical Examiner (NC OCME) may not mandate an autopsy for an unattended death; nor will they perform an autopsy upon the request of the family. In other cases, a hospital may not necessitate the need for an autopsy after a death, even if the family desires one. The hospital will often refuse to perform an autopsy if they believe their physician’s findings of a cause of death are sufficient.

If the next-of-kin and family would like more details surrounding the cause of death, a greater peace of mind can be offered by an autopsy which provides a thorough examination of the body both physically and chemically.