When it comes to end-of-life planning, preplanning is one of the most important steps you can take. By prepaying and prearranging your funeral services, you are giving your loved ones a gift of peace in a time of great stress and confusion. They will not have to worry about making arrangements or dealing with the financial burden that often comes with death. You can plan it all, including choosing the type of service, the location, and even who will officiate. Preplanning is the best way to ensure that your final wishes work out exactly how you desire. It should be considered as part of your Estate Planning.

What is Pre Planning?

Preplanning is a term used to describe the process of planning and paying for your own funeral, memorial service, and other funeral home expenses before death. A preplan covers everything you need to consider for the: 

  • Services you want
  • What your final disposition will be, either burial or cremation
  • Who will play what roles in the process 
  • All other parts of the entire process

Setting up a preplan is a gift to your family, allowing them to rest and grieve rather than stress and worry about making plans after your passing. Give your family a last gift as you pass away by preplanning your end-of-life services.

Why Pre Plan?

There are many reasons why preplanning is such an important step to take. When preplanning, you will decide:

  • Funeral or memorial service
  • Venue for your service
  • The details of a service, including flowers, music, memorable songs, and themes.
  • Who will officiate
  • Who will act as pallbearers if a burial
  • What do you want to happen to your body after death?

By prearranging your funeral services, you can also take care of the financial burden ahead of time.

Make decisions ahead of time, so your loved ones don’t have added stress during their grieving. Preplanning is the best way to ensure that others honor your final wishes.

FAQs About Pre Planning

If you are considering preplanning your funeral services, there are a few questions you may have:

I’m concerned about the cost. How much will preplanning set me back?

Preplanning does not have to be expensive. There are many ways to preplan on a budget. In addition, making plans can ensure the amount spent. If you choose cremation without the expense of burial and cemetery costs, you can significantly reduce the overall cost.

Family sometimes can feel obligated to take on burial expenses, vault, and headstone costs. However, when you preplan, your family knows what you want. And you know how much you want them to spend on your plans.

Can I Make a Plan and Pay Later?

You do not need to prepay for your services. You can simply preplan and make arrangements with the funeral home of your choice. You can choose at any time to go ahead and make payments toward your plan or pay a lump sum to cover everything. Insurance Products are available for just such an expense.

Who Holds My Money if I Pre Pay?

If you choose to prepay, know that the funeral home does not hold your funeral preplanning funds. The state of NC has these funds in trust for you. You can even transfer them to another funeral home if you so desire.

Can I Pre Plan and Pre Pay Even if I Want Cremation?

You CAN preplan a cremation with a funeral home. It is possible to make your entire plan with a funeral home with an on-site crematory. With everything included, your costs are lower, and you can also get to know the funeral director who will work with your family when the time comes.

Benefits of Pre Planning for Your Loved Ones

There are many benefits to preplanning for your loved ones. First, it allows them to grieve without worrying about making arrangements or dealing with the financial burden of death.

They also don’t need to think about whether you would have approved of their plans. Preplanning can prevent family strife or arguments when well-meaning family members disagree about your last wishes.

A daughter could feel sure you said you wanted burial in a specific cemetery, while your son may remember you discussing cremation.

Preplanning can prevent your loved ones from the burden of added stress, family strife, and monetary struggles. Instead of worrying, your family can concentrate on remembering the good times together.

We Can Help

We make preplanning your funeral services in North Carolina easy at Renaissance Funeral Home and Crematory. With the help of our funeral preplanning professionals, you know the questions to answer and the factors you must consider. We guide you through the process from start to finish and help you make all the decisions that prepare you and your family for the future.