Michael Thomas Carrington-Smith

July 10, 1998 - August 28, 2023


Obituary For Michael Thomas Carrington-Smith

Michael Carrington-Smith, 25, left this world on August 28, 2023.

Michael was a free spirit and a kind soul who touched many hearts during his brief journey on Earth. He was loved deeply by his family, friends, and coworkers. Michael did not know a stranger and he was very artistically and musically talented. He also loved water. His happy places were the beach and the lake. Michael was also a very spiritual person. He connected to higher realms through his music. He understood and lived concepts that are obscure to many, lived for the moment, and he was a bright light that led many to self-discovery. Michael leaves behind his parents, John and Sandra; his brothers, Stephen (wife Jessica), John, and Chris; his sister, Morgan and her boyfriend Ben; his grandmother, Ann; his maternal grandparents, Diego and Cosetta; his aunts, Kathryn, Lorie, and Patrizia; his uncles, Bill, Jamie, and Peter; his cousins, Samantha, Brianna, and James, who was like a brother to him; and an innumerable number of friends he has made along the way.

A Visitation will be held on Friday, September 1, 2023 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm at Renaissance Funeral Home. A celebration of Michael's life will be held at the Hippie Hole at Falls Lake on Sunday, September 24, 2023, starting at 2pm. The map link for the celebration of life can be found here.

Michael loved nature, humans, and animals, so in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to any animal or homeless shelter in his name.


1 Sep


02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Renaissance Funeral Home 7615 Six Forks Road Raleigh, NC 27615 Get Directions »
24 Sep

Celebration of Life

02:00 PM

Hippy Hole New Light Rd Wake Forest, NC 27587 Get Directions »
by Obituary Assistant

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  • 09/12/2023

    mike, i'm in shock. this has truly affected me in ways i never imagined i'd have to experience...especially so early in life. my heart is broken. you deserved so much more than this and you got taken from earth way before you could experience it. for starters, mike was the most kind, funny, caring and comforting person i've ever met and ever will. every time i saw mike the first thing he would do was give me a huge bear hug and tell me how much he loves me and is happy to be seeing me. he was the first person i would go to when i was sad, angry, etc. he ALWAYS made me feel better. his words just had a way with soothing everything that is uneasy and his music would too. we both play guitar. we connected so deeply and that is something i will never be able to replace. oh Michael...i miss you immensely. each and every second of the day i am missing you. this hurts so intensely and i would do anything to go back in time to the other week when we were laughing to the point of tears, just genuinely enjoying each other's company. your smile lit up a thousand rooms. i keep sitting here placing videos to hear your voice and reading our messages...listening to your music, reading the stuff you wrote me. you went through too much internally and i wish you could've got to live life from the opposing perspective. i know you were trying your best. that's all you could do and i am SO proud of you. i'm so sorry for you Michael and so sorry for the rest of everyone that was truly touched by your existence. i will live through you and for you every single day. i promise. everything reminds me of you. every song i play (esp. wavves ;)) sheetz reese's milkshakes, the color green and blue, the sun, the moon.... the sunsets you've been painting in the sky since you had to leave. i hate this so much and i am so extremely angry with the world. i keep texting your number just to talk to you. i know you'll never read it and never text me back or call me back again to tell me to come see you. pain like this is far to familiar but losing you has been a constant 24 hour battle. you should've been able to see next year. you should've been able to make more music, write more poems. i love you so much mike and i always will. you were truly one of a kind. truly so so special. you will be a thought in my mind everyday till i meet you up there. i miss you. i love you. i wish i could hug you. the world lost such a treasured soul. i can't even believe this

  • 09/07/2023

    Dearest Sandra, We are so sorry for your loss, and may you and the rest of the family find peace and comfort in the time ahead. Holding you close with blessings and love.

  • 09/06/2023

    I will always remember you broski.I will always the fun times we had at work together bro. I never saw you as an Co worker, I saw you as a Friend. I was always happy to see you come into work. You always made my day with all your jokes and pranks we would do. I will always remember you bro.

  • 09/05/2023

    Words cannot adequately express the sorrow that I know are in the hearts of his mother, his siblings, his other family members, and his dear friends, and I am praying for every single one of them for God to bring him comfort, knowing that he is now at peace in God's arms in heaven. God bless you all Rev. RB

  • 09/01/2023

  • 08/31/2023

    Mikey boy, I still tell everyone about all of our awesome adventures and chill/funny times. I was fortunate enough to see you while I was back to reminisce on the days we would skate down the biggest hills we could find and hang out at Nate's house. Thank you so much for the memories buddy. Your spirit lives on forever.

  • 08/31/2023

    Michael will be surely missed... He was such a kind soul and a great friend. I remember one time I was spending time with him at the lake and we took our shoes off to walk in the water. When the time came around to put our shoes back on, he knelt down and said "let me help you". He took the shirt off his back and wiped the sand off my feet, then helped me put my socks and shoes back on. I was in shock ... I have never met a single person so kind and selfless enough to use the shirt on their back to wipe another person's feet. I don't think I will ever meet another person like michael ever again. People with his level of genuine sincerity, kindness, and compassion only come around once in a lifetime. I am glad I was given the opportunity to meet michael and spend the time I did with him. I am sad his time on earth ended early. He will be severely missed, but never forgotten.

  • 08/30/2023

    I'm gonna miss you bro, we kept meaning to get together but got caught up in life. I would do anything to go back to the days playing music with you. I'd do anything to talk deep with you again. You are one of a kind and I love you. Rest now and I'll see you later.

  • 08/30/2023

    I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know Michael but I can tell from these tributes that he was well loved and that he will be greatly missed. My heart reaches out to the family. May he rest in peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • 08/30/2023

    Oh Michael...my 3rd son. Seems like just yesterday you and John were little boys playing in the back yard. Or teens having talcum powder wars in my kitchen, lol. Nope, can't let you forget that! One of my most favorite memories of you two. Where did all of that time go? It's always been John and Michael. Sandra and I often didn't know whether to laugh or cry with you two. Brothers in every lifetime so I know there is more to come. I love you dearly, son, and I can still hear your voice telling me it will be okay after Rod died, that he's still with me. Just as you will always be with John and your family. I will miss our conversations and your hugs and all of the joy you brought with just a smile. Sandra, John, Morgan and Stephen....my heart is with y'all, I wish I could be there for y'all and for my John this weekend. Know that I am there in spirit and hugging you all so very tight. I love you, Michael. I hope you are resting easy and loving life wherever you may be. Your second mom, Susan

  • 08/30/2023

    Mickey, sweetie, I know it's been many years since we last seen each other but you were never far from my thoughts and heart. I wish I could have known the young man you had become, as it stands all I have is the cherished memories of you as a toddler, sitting on my lap, watching TV together. I will hold to that memory until the time will come for us to make new ones again. Love you sweet boy, your "aunt" Monica

  • 08/29/2023

    I still can't believe it's real, Mike I'm grateful for the memories of you I can cherish. Though I'm also sad we can't make anymore. You were trying to change your life for the better. And we're taken before you could. But brother rest easy knowing you changed mine for the better. I will forever be grateful for that.

  • 08/29/2023

    Michael was a sweet, kind, gentle soul...Wherever his spirit is now, he will always be in the hearts of all who love him. My heart goes out to his family...The world lost a wonderful young man. He left too soon. Love, Tammy P

  • 08/29/2023

    Michael was a sweet person with a kind, and gentle soul. My heart breaks for his family. I have only been around him a few times in his life, but I could always feel the soft gentleness of his spirit. He was taken too soon, and the world lost a wonderful person. My condolences, and love, to his family, and all who loved him. Tammy P.

  • 08/29/2023

    Sandra, Don and I are so sorry to hear about Michael. Please know we are thinking of you and your entire family at this time. My heart breaks for you. Beth Wilson

  • 08/29/2023

    We are all going to miss you mike. "Tye dye" ❤️ live you man -Kittie

  • 08/29/2023

    I knew Michael a few years back when I worked my first restaurant job. He was funny and entertaining and enjoyable to work with. He made friends with everyone he met. He will be missed by so many but will continue to remain in our memory.

  • 08/29/2023

    John, Sandra, Stephen, Jessica, Morgan and Family: Michael had a heart of gold. Anyone from his childhood could attest to this, and it was true. Absolutely. He was kind. He was funny. He had never-ending charisma. He was goofy. He was selfless. He was loyal, and he always tried to find the positives in any situation and focus on those. He was one of the most genuinely kind people I had ever met. He had issues, and he suffered and he was in pain. I am so sorry for that pain. No one never expects addiction to kill the most familiar among us. Humbly I ask you educate yourself and others about addiction. Nobody asks or wants to be an addict. Help stop the shame and stigma of addiction. Michael, like all the others suffering from this disease, was so much more than his addiction. To his family...He was good, he was kind, he was loved, and he will be missed. I wish you peace.

  • 08/29/2023

  • 08/29/2023

    Michael was the kindest, gentlest young man. He was an old soul with a beautiful young face. He grieved with us when we had to put a beloved kitty to sleep. He valued older people and could be friends with someone regardless of age. The world lost a good and loving person, brother, friend, and son. Praying comfort and peace for his sweet family and all who loved him.

  • 08/29/2023

    The first time I met Michael, he was barely walking. He came over to me, Sandra and I were sitting at the kitchen table. I picked him up and sat him on the table in front of me, still in diapers. He smiled and laughed, and I was fortunate enough to watch him grow up. I love you Michael

  • 08/29/2023

    Our hearts are broken for you. He is a sweet soul with a brillant smile. Much Love, Mark and Kellee Morris


  • Ocean Devotion

    Tammy Pacenza sent Ocean Devotion for Michael Thomas Carrington-Smith - August 30, 2023

    With all our sympathy, and love...May Michael's spirt soar to beautiful places....Love Tammy and Chris

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