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After a loved one passes away, the family is faced with many decisions. One of those decisions is whether they want a traditional burial or not. Traditional burial in America is to use a funeral home, embalm the body and bury it in a casket and vault in a cemetery. When choosing a traditional burial, it is good to know a little about the process.

Choosing a Raleigh Funeral Home

While it is not mandatory to hire a funeral director, a professional makes the process much easier.

Most families choose to use a funeral home because of the standard of care and the regulations around the handling of the deceased.

It is important to choose a funeral home that will listen to your wishes and work with you to make sure what you want is carried out.

Funeral homes can work with different budgets and add special touches to personalize the funeral.

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Our Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional Burial with Viewing and Funeral (Same Day)
  • Professional Services
  • Transfer of Deceased to the Funeral Home
  • Care and Preparation (with embalming)
  • Visitation and Funeral (same day)
  • Basic 20ga Metal Casket
  • Hearse
Traditional Burial with Graveside Service Only
  • Professional Services
  • Transfer of Deceased to the Funeral Home
  • Care and Preparation (no embalming)
  • Basic 20ga Metal Casket
  • Hearse
  • Graveside Service
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Choosing a Casket

Most cemeteries require the use of a casket to enclose and transport the body. The family will choose what the casket looks like or can even build their own casket. The casket you choose will depend on several factors. One of those factors is your budget. Different caskets cost different amounts of money. You can choose a simple casket to save money or a more extravagate casket if your budget is bigger. Another factor is personal taste. Caskets come in different colors, materials, and designs. You can choose the casket that best suits your personal taste or the taste of your loved one.

Burial Vault

A vault is typically made of concrete, steel, or fiberglass-type materials. It completely encloses the casket in the grave. State and federal laws do not require the use of a burial vault, but most cemeteries do. The vault keeps the grave from sinking in after decomposition of the body and casket. 


While embalming is not required by law, there are several reasons why most families choose to do so.

If you prefer to have an open casket, most funeral homes require that the body is embalmed first. If there is going to be an extended time between death and burial, embalming is a must. Public health laws may also require embalming if the body is going to be transported by air or railway.

Burial in a Cemetery

A permanent memorial in a public cemetery provides a place for a family to visit for years to come. It is important to be remembered and having a place of burial that can be visited will aide in that need. Burial in a cemetery can provide the closure that is needed for family members. It can help the healing process begin. A permanent resting place for the deceased is a way to memorialize your loved one forever. 

When planning a traditional burial, there are decisions you will have to make. There are important things to know when considering a traditional burial for your loved one. We hope this has made the process a little clearer and simpler for you.

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