Creating a death announcement on Facebook can be daunting. What do you say? How do you say it? And who should you say it to? In this blog post, learn some tips on announcing a death on Facebook with examples to help. We’ll also discuss how you can share the sad news of a loved one passing away with your friends and family.

What is a Death Announcement?

Death announcements became popular because they cost less than obituaries (which are generally longer). A notice of death statement is usually very short.

The death announcement wording includes one paragraph announcing the decedent’s full name, city and state where they died, and date of death. Often it also includes birth date and place, funeral arrangements or memorial details, and instructions for how to honor the deceased.

For example, look at these two traditional death announcements below for ideas.

“It is with great sadness that the Smith family announces that [insert name] died peacefully among close family on [insert date] in [insert place]. Born in [insert place], they lived an amazing life doting on family and friends. Funeral services will be held at a later date. Instead of flowers, the family asks for donations to [insert charity]. She will be greatly missed and always in our loving memory as a strong woman.”

“It is with a heavy heart that the Jones family announces the passing of [insert name]. Our loving family member passed away on [insert date] in [insert place], surrounded by their loved ones. [Insert name] was born in [insert place] and lived an extraordinary life filled with adventure, laughter, and love. Please join us for a funeral service at Lockwood Funeral Home in Crowder, North Carolina at [insert time].”

A conventional death announcement does not include an image due to the cost of printing. Publishing a longer obituary-type announcement in national newspapers can cost up to $500 per paper. That cost only increases with photographs. (1)

Death Announcements For Far Away Family Members

Funeral homes do an excellent job of posting a death notice on their site with their online obituary section. You may work with your funeral director to create an obituary when a loved one has passed away.

Then, you can share their death announcement post on your own personal Facebook page. You may also share it on other social media. Sharing on social media ensures that far away family members will find out about their loved one’s death.

Working with a funeral home makes it possible to get the word out without the need to write a death announcement for social media yourself. And most families need help during this time of grief!

Social Media Considerations

These days, many people enjoy posting about their lives on social media accounts. Publishing the news of a deceased loved one on Facebook or Instagram is free, and it’s okay to get a bit creative about what you post.

However, before posting, ALWAYS ensure that you are a part of the immediate family or check with the family prior to announcing a death. It’s the family’s right to post first and to approve any other posts by other friends or loved ones.

You can still work with your funeral home to make an online obituary and also publish in a local newspaper. However, if you’d like to do more than share the funeral home’s online obituary, consider what else you might want others to know.

Death Announcement on Facebook

A Facebook death announcement is a newer way to do many things at once, such as:

  • Share memories of the decedent’s incredible life with personal wording from your own deeply felt memories rather than making a post from the whole family. For example, you might share that your Mom was a role model for you and a person you will always look up to.
  • Tag friends who may not see the announcement
  • Detail funeral information, including details about the funeral service or if the family is holding a private funeral.
  • If the family has a memorial service instead, include this in online death notices. Also, give memorial site information.
  • Other family members can feel free to create their own Facebook posts, or they can share yours (if you make it shareable by creating the post for the public.)
  • Include where your lost loved one will lay to rest
  • Let others know about their loved one’s passing
  • Share photos of the deceased with other family members and friends
  • Let others express condolences through comments
  • Let others know about a sensitive topic if needed. You may announce, for example, that the car accident causing the loss of your loved one’s life is under investigation.
  • Give important details about a charity or organization to contribute to in lieu of flowers. You may even include a link to go to and give in honor of your loved one’s long battle with cancer.
  • Share a link to your loved one’s favorite song or to a song that reminds you of them.

Announcing a Death on Facebook Examples

You can say almost anything on a social media post, but it’s best to stick with kind words.

Your Facebook post is not the time or place to air your grievances with a deceased person. If you have a personal struggle with the one who died, it’s best to take those feelings to a close friend or family member who will understand what you’re going through.

We all have shortcomings and faults, but sharing about death is hard enough without causing other family members to feel even more upset. The old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” applies when writing a social post about a death.

Sharing your love and admiration for a deceased person online can be a beautiful way to show how they positively affect your life. Many individuals love to create beautifully designed images such as these facebook death announcement samples below, created with Canva online.

death announcements facebook examples

You can make the wording of your Facebook post simple or long and complex. The important thing is getting the news of the death out there for others. It can also help in your grief journey to let your friends and family know you suffered a loss.

We all need our loved ones around us when we are grieving. That’s why planning for “celebrations of life” matters. Work with your local funeral home to plan a funeral or memorial service to help you and your family grieve well together.

Our Experienced Raleigh Funeral Directors Can Help

At Renaissance Funeral Home and Crematory, we provide everything you need to get the word out and plan funeral services for your loved ones to mourn your loss together. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you memorialize your loved one’s life in a beautiful and meaningful way.

We can help with essential details such as announcing a death on Facebook, creating an obituary, and providing resources such as our well-appointed chapel, state-of-the-art crematory tribute center, and arrangements to suit every budget.

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